Booking process

  1. Booking enquiries can be made via this web page, telephone, Facebook or email.
  2. BHSW will supply a quote and confirm availability.
  3. To secure the booking, clients must pay a deposit.  The deposit is 50% of the total payable for the wedding day hair only (excluding any travel charges).  Trial payment to be paid on day of hair trial.  The remainder is to be paid on the day or before if you would prefer.
  4. BHSW will provide a booking summary and confirm receipt of the deposit.  It is the client’s responsibility to check the booking summary and ensure that BHSW is notified of any errors within 7 days of receipt.  If the client notifies BHSW of an error after this period, and BHSW is unable to fulfill the booking, cancellation fees may apply.

Please note that the booking is not final until the deposit has been paid in full and BHSW has confirmed receipt in writing or by email.

Minimum booking

BHSW requires a minimum of 2 adult clients at a wedding.  A surcharge may apply if there are less than 2 adult clients.


The deposit is payable to ‘L.F hair ltd’  by cheque.

The trial is payable the stylist on the day of the trial.

The balance is payable to ‘L.F hair ltd’ on or before the day of the wedding in cash or by cheque.  A bounced cheque will incur a £30 admin charge.

Cancellation fees

If for some reason you cancel your booking, your cancellation must be confirmed by email or telephone.

100% of the deposit will be refunded if the cancellation is received more than 8 weeks before the wedding date.

If a cancellation is received within 8 weeks of the wedding, the deposit will not be refunded.


We want our clients to be happy with their BHSW stylist.  If a client decides to cancel a wedding booking after a trial, the deposit for any wedding day charges will be refunded in full. This refund is also available within 8 weeks of the wedding date, providing that the cancellation is confirmed by email or telephone.

BHSW cancellations

In exceptional circumstances that we may need to cancel a booking.  This has never happened before but, if it does, all attempts will be made to find an alternative stylist.  If this is not possible or is unacceptable to the client, BHSW will refund 100% of the deposit.

Changes to bookings

Notification should be given of any changes to the booking as soon as possible.  This includes changes to the number of clients, dates and times.

Change of trial date – an alternative date will be found.

Change of wedding date - We will do our best to rebook the original stylist for the new date or supply another available stylist.  If this is not possible then the usual cancellation fees apply.

Change to number of clients – A new price will be calculated based on our current price list to reflect any changes in the bridal party.  Please note that if the change results in the number of adults dropping below the minimum booking – the standard surcharge will apply.

Miscellaneous terms

Following the new smoking regulations – smoking whilst a stylist is working is not permitted.

Stylists reserve the right to refuse to work if a client is rude or aggressive. In this case the usual cancellation policy will apply.